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Walter Oliver Neal

Walter Oliver Neal

Baltimore, MD


Walter O. Neal has shown his work throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, and is highly regarded for the unique, creative vision and artistic excellence he brings to his work. His artwork is in the respective collections of Howard University, the Evans-Tibbs Collection, Corcoran Gallery of Art, as well as various organizations and private collections. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Walter is founder and artistic director of AMKA Graphics Studios, which he founded in 1970, while a student at his alma mater, Howard University. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

"My work, whether it is through painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, or digital art, is an expression of my mind's ordering and seeming cohesion of the disparate visual elements in the universe to 'make sense' by using the universality of imagery to transcend language and/or cultural barriers as a more effective means of communication to a global audience." --Walter O. Neal




Chromascape 1dx


Chromascape 2dx


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Butterfly No. 5


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Alien Conquest


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Overflowing Laundry Basket


Power Lines


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The Age of The Machines 2


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The Horns of The Ram


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An Infinite Sharing Of The Divine Spirit


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